Good Viral guidelines when making a campaign:


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-Lets give them something to talk about.

The catchy story is everything,

A catchy story you want to tell, show or send to your friends.


– Does it change the way we feel?

Emotions is much more important than facts. we make our decisions mostly

upon  our feelings

(even that we believe the opposite)


-7 seconds of patience.

That’s the approximately the time we have to convince the viewer to hang

on. after 7 seconds most humans decide weather it is something they want

to spend our time on or not.


Creativity is king and the product a humble servant


– Is it portable?

Can it easily walk from person to person?



-Is it sticky?

  stickiness is memory glue…


– does it engage and / or entertain?


– Is it original /unique?

    AND OR

– Innovative with in its field

    AND OR

– Authentic

    AND OR

– Stylish

    AND OR

– Stand for something or have a purpose


– Does it meet its audience in level?


– Is it in the right context?


– Can we in any way e


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