home media server for Mac mini - I want one!

Are you buying a Mac mini? Will you be? Well if the answer to either one is yes, then here’s a list off freeware that will help you turn it into a home media server (whoop!):



Watch you tv on the move


The SlingboxTM redirects, or "placeshifts," the TV signal from any cable box, satellite receiver, or personal video recorder (PVR) to a viewer’s location and device of choice, whether in another room in the home or anywhere in the world with a high-speed Internet connection. An elegantly designed compact box that fits neatly into a user’s existing TV setup, the SlingboxTM will retail for $249 with no additional monthly service fees. The product is due to ship in the first half of 2005.



Blogger meet bit torrent

A new program called Videora combines BitTorrent and RSS to automatically download a computer user’s favorite videos. It’s another application the entertainment companies will likely hate and consumers will love. By Katie Dean.


New gadget that I need to own


The Pocket Media Assistant PMA400 is the the first Linux®-based 30GB HDD device allowing you to record directly from TV, listen to music, browse the Internet and stay connected, for entertainment or productivity anytime, anywhere. A new generation of ARCHOS smart portable devices, the PMA400 combines full audio and video capabilities, WiFi connectivity and a personal information manager in one slim, pocket-sized device.