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Store all you computer files on your ipod


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Migo transforms any PC into your PC

With Migo software you can bring your personal computing environment with you:

Email: Access, send, and receive email from your Outlook® account from anywhere.
Calendar and Contacts: Carry your Outlook calendar, contacts, notes, and tasks wherever you go.
Internet Settings: Bring your Internet favorites, browsing history, and cookies with you at all times.
Files and Folders: Automatically carry the most current version of your important documents – arranged and organized the way you like it.
Desktop Settings: Your personal computer settings – bring your icons, shortcuts, even your desktop wallpaper with you.
Multiple Profiles: Create unique profiles for your multiple computer environments: home, office, school, etc.

Migo software is available for iPod® mobile digital devices or pre-loaded on USB flash drives in 64MB, 256MB, 512MB, and 1GB configurations.



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