Flickr Related Tag Browser

Found this on a friends blog.. A really nice way to surf the Flickr’s ‘tag space’. Flickr tags are keywords used to classify images. Each tag has a list of ‘related’ tags, based on clustered usage analysis.


A look into the future

I am a big believer in peer-group content consumption.


Have a look at this future prediction and make up your on mind


Very geeky posting

So if your computer is slowing down and you can not be bothered to reinstall it (or don’t know how to…) then this software might be useful. It will run through your windows backend systems and clean it up. (hopefully resulting in a faster solution..)’s%20Guide.htm


two fun mobile apps

Lie Spy.

Check if the person you are speaking to is lying


Sound cheater

Want to make it sound like you are at the hospital – when you are not


It was bound to come. phone + social networking = CrowdSurfer

What happens when you pass an old high school flame on the street? We tend to say, “Phew! We weren’t recognized!” But Small Planet thinks you want to meet up, and has developed the CrowdSurfer application to enable finding each other via your Bluetooth phones. The software officially runs on phones using the Symbian Series 60 OS, but should work with any phone that supports J2ME Midp 2.0 and JSR-82. CrowdSurfer also wants to help you find friends and people with similar interests, but considering you’ll both have to be a member of Small Planet, have one of the supported phones, and install the software, don’t expect to instantly gather any smartmobs on the spot just yet.