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Free P2P content network from ex-Netscapers

Open Media Network is yet another venture which aims to bring together traditional broadcasting and P2P. They look like they’re putting together some interesting things: free content, “Season Tickets” so you can subscribe to shows, some sort of tagging functionality, automatic fetching from distributors’ RSS feeds, syncing with iPods and Tivos, and more. The network is being headed by ex-Netscape guy Mike Homer, with Netscape founder Marc Andreessen on the board of advisors.

This story isn’t without its share of irony, though: The “Open” Media Network is based on Kontiki, the proprietary BitTorrent-alike from Homer’s company of the same name, and despite Andreessen’s presence, OMN currently works with Internet Explorer only. However, the site says “Macintosh and Firefox versions … will be available soon,” which is encouraging.



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