If you have a PSP and an Mac

Well then you need this software to convert all your video so you can see them on the move



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Find your local stealth bomber

This is pretty amazing. Germany’s Spiegel Online has found a stealth bomber on Google Maps. It should have been blurred out, because it’s on a secret part of a military base — but Google must have missed it. As of this writing, the bomber is still there, in good ol’ Palmdale, California. Hit the link, and zoom out. You’ll see metropolis of Los Angeles emerge just below it.

We stumbled on it via Google Blogoscoped, which translates Spiegel saying that it’s prohibited to get close to military bases, let alone photograph them — at least that’s what you’d assume in times of terror.
To be clear, the images are obviously not taken real-time; they were taken up to several years ago. Still, it’s got to be a breach to reveal where such bombers may be sitting.

(source; http://www.siliconbeat.com)


BBC is once again impressive

This time, they are allowing people to create media experience by using BBC content. Under the slogan “Build what you want using BBC content”

backstage.bbc.co.uk is the BBC’s developer network to encourage innovation and support new talent. Content feeds are available for people to build with on a non-commercial basis.

Can’t code, won’t code? Well, you can share your ideas on new ways to use BBC content. This is your BBC. We want to help you play.

backstage.bbc.co.uk is currently in beta as we add new feeds and APIs and develop the service further over the coming weeks and months. Join the email discussion list to tell us how we could improve the service and converse with others about backstage.bbc.co.uk



Here is a good example on what people can make it this feature. This is a guy who in real time map all BBC news stories to a world map.

Google new frontpage

Try http://www.google.com/ig

It’s a really nice new personal frontpage..

idea-a-day.com day


This is currently my favourite news letter. It basically sends you a good
idea a day. Great morning inspiration!

nice way to make group website quickly

We used to use WikiWiki as our intranet solution in Tripledash. However, just saw this nice new simple version of it on Morten’s blog: