Leading Music Blogs Band Together, Create Ad Network


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A handful of top music blogs have now begun to court advertising dollars

more seriously, with a new network recently forming. Music bloggers have

become increasingly important arbiters of taste, with the savvy tastemakers

speaking to incredibly targeted groups of listeners. That has caught the eye

of some big sponsors, including Touchstone Films, Random House Publishing,

and Sony Pictures, along with heavyweight artists like Weezer and Eminem.

The new network, appropriately called the Music Blog Network, will now step

the game up a bit and reach out to advertisers more aggressively.


From a marketing perspective, a super-targeted niche represents the holy

grail of advertising. But gaining a critical mass of consumers can be

difficult, making the new network a shrewd move for the bloggers involved.

Now, the next step could be to thread the Music Blog Network into an even

larger community, with thousands of blogs and music-focused sites

potentially part of an expanded network. While that certainly poses

logistical problems, it could start to attract big advertisers, with brands

like Heineken and Coca-Cola already tapping into the music-interested



– this from today’s digital music news:  www.digitalmusicnews.com



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