PSP adds web & TV



It’s official, the PSP is now completely perfect. Well, except for the lack of adventure, strategy and MMOs on it, of course.

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) will release a system software update for its PlayStation Portable (PSP) next week that will add several new functions to the handheld gaming device, including the ability to browse the Internet and download TV programs, the company said Thursday.

Chief among the additions to version 2.0 of the software will be a Web browser. Accessible from the PSP’s main menu, the browser supports HTML 4.01 and will allow access to most Web sites.”



Videoblogging is slowly starting

FireANT is an RSS video aggregator and media player that can automatically download media content for you to watch and listen to.

FireANT lets you subscribe to any RSS 2.0 feed that supports enclosures or Yahoo! Media RSS in one of three ways:


Interesting Podcast about interactivity and radio

Reinventing Radio (3.8) Isn’t radio an old, dying medium? What’s it doing in a conference on emerging technologies? Matt Biddulph, Tom Coates, and Matt Webb and Paul Hammond show us how radio is a reemerging technology experiencing a resurgence in popularity and relevance. They explore how radio can be improved by introducing feedback mechanisms and by ultimately making it a more social medium. Using principles of social software, the BBC becomes more of a peer than a broadcaster.


The latest gadget I must own

People have been talking about this gadget since it won several awards at CES. It’s a new box that you can connect to you tv at home and then watch all your channels from any computer in the world. Pretty sweet if you are longing for you local channels when living abroad.,1759,1833043,00.asp?kc=PCRSS02129TX1K0000530


Flickr with video

A small new project from the guys at CollegeHumor. It called and allow you to upload you video. You can then meta tag them and make interesting videos based on keywords. Could be big…



Terror in London

In case you are wondering.. I am okay, so is Didi….