podcasting to mobile phones

Been talking with some friends about this for some time, but now it seems to be out there for real: Podcasting to mobile phone – have a look at http://www.coolsmartphone.com/news1675.html


I did actually buy the domain phonecast.it some time ago if any one what to do something with it – let me know..




Blogging from somewhere over Minsk

Yes, I am not the first to do this… But its still pretty cool to be speaking on Skype or Google Talk while flying to Korea!!!



This is for all of us who have more than one pc/mac and want the
files to be on all of them and sync’ed..


Why user generated content is pretty cool

Have a look at matt

Matt travels around the world and dances. Quit his old job of a programmer to do this.
Tags // video : man : dancing : mattharding : wherethehellismatt : 

It might not be high production value – but it sure beats the entertainment value of much “proper” TV.. 

More video blogging tools

They seem to be popping up everywhere.. Here is yet another video blog tool. This one looks very much like Flickr but for video. User generated content r us

Game Over for TV?

In the quest to have more time to play video games, some players are watching less television.
A new study released by Ziff Davis Media finds that about one-fourth of video game players watched less television last year, and 18% say they plan to reduce their TV viewing in the coming year.
Ziff also reported that the time spent watching TV among respondents declined from 18 hours per week to 16 hours per week. 

I am so very impressive be all the cool things that BBC does

Here is a link to all the user generated applications and content they have. wow.

A link to loads of nice wallpapers

> Veer: Ideas: Wallpaper
> http://www.veer.com/ideas/wallpaper/