Rent my DVR

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This is the kind of stuff that warms social hackers’ hearts and gives “content providers” ulcers — Rent my DVR is an online marketplace for buying and selling TV programming. Buyers can scan online listings of available shows and download them via a proprietary P2P application for about 25 cents a pop.

Mobile bar codes

This system allows you to make bar codes that can be used with your mobile phone. Make a bar code – place it on a poster. Then users can take a picture of it and sms it to a database that in return will send any information that you have stored in a online database.

Get the tv listings via messenger

Another cool project born out of BBC Backstage


Really nice open source audio software

So if you are planning to make an podcast or just wanted to edit some audio you might want to try this software out. Its open source and does most of the things that you need.



New Sony Locationfree LF-PK1 TV Place Shift Device

Sony announces a new gadget in its Locationfree line. The Sony Locationfree LF-PK1 is a TV place shift device, that enables consumers to watch TV via the Internet.


Our internal research is all supporting the KISS theory



"We spoke to 6,000 people and found that young males are embracing new technologies much faster than women and the over-45s," he told Click Online.

"The reason for this, we believe, is that manufacturers are focusing too heavily on the features within their products rather than the benefits and the ways they can change people’s lives.

"For instance, in terms of the impact, this means there are 30% more men using broadband today as women, and there are twice as many under-45s using broadband today as over-45s."

When you build new products – focus on what value it gives the consumer – not what it can do..