Remember what was the first picture you took with your camera?

Here’s a fun thing to play around with, if you’re bored at 3am. Most Sony digital cameras start saving photos with the following name “DSC00001.JPG” and a lot of people take these photos and upload them to the web, where the all-knowing, all-seeing Google later catalogs all of them. So by clicking this link you can see the first photo taken by someone with their new camera or newly formatted card for some cameras, this is what it looks like when thousands of Sony cameras lose their photo-virginity.

This is just plain odd

A guy with a plan to separate this head from his body… What would we have done with out the internet to inform us about weird people like this:


It also link to site where you can buy human body parts…. Enjoy..



p.s I want an arm for xmas..





Need a framework or model to do some thinking

Look no further, its all on this page:


– thanks to Willer for the link


More DIY TV websites

Just another link to the vast number of new start ups consentrated on DIY tv production:


A way to work for the easy distracted

Have a go and please tell me if it works (this txt is written during a two min brake)


More web apps

Here is a list of many of them:



More web apps

This is also a nice little web app:


Good for online todo lists



more web applications to come

I really believe that we will see many more web-based applications in the next couple of years. Don’t think that this one will scare Microsoft’s Word team right now but still a sign of things to come:



Online tv

Smaller Video Producers Seek Audiences on Net

Online Pioneer Sets Out to Shake Up TV