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10 Top Fashion Blogs

10 Top Fashion Blogs

We asked budding fashion-web entrepreneur Phil Leif to give us his top 10 essential blogs. He says the following list provides a range in content from streetwear reviews by Lower East Side hipsters to business analysis from industry veterans.


Hypebeast – Product announcements, collaborations, and reviews of products on the cutting edge of streetwear.

High Snobiety – A similar concept to Hypebeast, but Snobiety takes it further through in-depth interviews and commentary.

Ladykickz – Sneaker culture from the perspective of style-savvy girls in NYC.

Weekly Drop Podcast – Though not strictly a blog, it’s a great from-the-trenches digest of street style and culture.

Industry Insiders:

My Fashion Life – Fashion blogging veteran My Fashion Life provides high-level industry analysis along with interviews and news.

Fashion Incubator – Unique analysis and commentary from the perspective of garment manufacturing and sourcing.

The Style Business Blog – Great resource for general industry news and commentary.

General Commentary:

Fashion Tribes – Blog and podcast about style and pop culture from the experts at Fashion Tribes.

Sobre Moda – A Spanish blog about European fashion culture, jewelry, perfume, and couture.

Kids these days:

We Love Fashion!
– A huge community of teens and early twentysomethings blogging about style, trends, and everything else. Definitely worth a read if you’re curious about the “Teen Vogue” set.


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