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if you ever "loose" your a password in windows

You might have forgotten your password to a website or software because
you have enabled the “remember my password feature”. Windows hides the
password by putting ******** instead of the password. However, with
http://www.snadboy.com/ you can copy and paste the hidden password.
Considering that many people use the same password to multible of places
this could also be a good way to optain someones password…

This is what I want for xmas

A Zestful Adventure at Zero Gravity
Climb aboard a specially modified, FAA certified Boeing 727 aircraft for a zero-gravity, weightlessness lfight. Astronauts use such aircraft to prepare for space missions. Your accommodations for the weekend are at Fort Lauderdale’s pemier luxury hotel, The Atlantic, inlcuding a special dinner at Trina, the city’s latest hot spot, and your choice of a massage or facial. Please click here for further details.

Dates: 2006 departures TBA
US$5,875 per person, subject to change for 2006 (based on double occupancy).
Vacation Package: 80702
Photo Credit: Jim Campbell