In need of Word while you are on the move

Ajax sites keeping popping up with new and exciting applications for
the net. It seems that the idea of running more of the applications
on the server side is finally catching on. Found this Ajax Word
processor site.
It does pretty much the same as Microsoft’s word – but its free and
available to anyone with a internet connection and a browser.

Watch all websites on your mobile

Google have done this really nice site that allow you to transform any
website into a mobile friendly site:

Install windows on your MacBook Pro

Looks pretty cool that you can run windows and Mac Os on the same box..

Have a look: 


A nice new gadget in the making

It looks like this new gadget could be quite nice for the people who wants a small phone but also blackberry functionality with the during work hours:

Travel sites

I have started to my own travel arrangements again after leaving MTV. Here are some of the best sites to use:


Best travel search engine.

Reviews say your first step in researching the best air, hotel and car-rental prices should be a visit to SideStep. While sites such as Travelocity and Expedia search only their own databases, SideStep searches airline Web sites and other travel sites, including some international travel sites, to come up with its list of best fares. SideStep has an online search tool, but more robust features are available if you download its small software utility (Windows only), which lets you compare results on a split screen with those from Expedia and Travelocity. SideStep does not charge a booking fee. If you’re looking for air/hotel deals, however, Orbitz, Travelocity and Expedia are much more comprehensive.


New search engine.

Kayak doesn’t have as many features at SideStep, but it’s easy to use. One interesting feature is a tool that lets you see the lowest airfares from any airport — helpful if you’re looking for a budget-minded vacation destination. Like SideStep, Kayak also searches some international travel sites, so you can find flights within Europe or Asia, but (below) has a larger database of foreign suppliers. There is no user fee.



Search engine for international travel.

Mobissimo has the largest network of international suppliers. It’s a good place to start if you need a flight that doesn’t originate in the U.S. One drawback is that some international partners do not accept U.S. credit cards. The site also offers mobiblog, which includes airfare and hotel deals as well as travel tips. There is no user fee.



Cheap flights from Copenhagen to Amsterdam



List of software

I am planning to buy a new computer so spending a bit of time considering what software to put on.. Here is a another good list of software to consider: