finally some good news

A very refreshing news website where any news that is posted is good news. Technological, environmental, social, and medical news plus much more. 

Very nice experimental site
Make a music video based on where you live and what the weather is

a nice long list of web 2.0 companies

keep the coming.

Survey about usage of IMs..

Teen Interest in Future Features: Live streaming television: 39 percent

Top IM Uses Among Teens Include:

To chat with family or friends: 92 percent
To gossip: 55 percent
To set up weekend or evening activities: 55 percent
To help or accept homework help from friends: 50 percent
To share photos: 47 percent
To play games with buddies: 46 percent
To flirt: 44 percent
To send celebratory wishes, such as Happy Birthday: 38 percent
To share files: 37 percent
To engage in social networking: 35 percent

Teen Interest in Future Features:

Music on demand: 39 percent
Video on demand: 30 percent
PC to Phone VoIP calling: 24 percent
Phone to phone VOIP: 15 percent

thanks for Morten for the link….