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Came up with the idea to make a DIY Itunes store for independent musicians a year a go. Have since had the plessure of working with Alexander and Elliot and – both live websites with about 10.000 active users. Its been quite of a hobby project and I have only been distantly involved (as broad-member) the last six month or so.

The service has been slowly created and its now fully up and running. The cool part is that its suddenly kicking off. By focusing on intergration with large community sites the service has really kicked off. I strongly believe that there is vast marked (and an easy exit) in supplying added valuefeatures to the huge audiences that are to be found on e.g.


Check out:

who are using our payplay badge system to sell her music via payplay.

As Microsoft with MTV (with Urge) and Samsung are starting to gear up for their Play For Sure attack on Apple – there seem to be few companies tailing the growth in MS enabled music distribution and huge communities.

Payplay is at this time a whole US operated and focused company – but is looking to extent the business to europe via partnership or investment. As I have a super interesting day job that takes pretty much of all my time I cant spent as much energy on this as I would like to. However, if you have any good ideas or know someone that would be good to partner with please let me know and I’ll forward you to Alexander and Elliot.



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