Thumbs up to my cousin

For making this cool new watch.. I snatch number 28 of the founders

People in different part of the world likes different news

BBC have made a quite clever little app that shows what people in
different parts of the world are reading on the BBC news website..
Quite fun to see the difference of e.g. Canada and Africa:

I had to come

Movies shot entirely using the cell phone

The TV trendsetters

from MTVs trend blog:

Despite the current media frenzy for user generated content, when it
comes to visual media it will be interesting to see whether the
majority of young viewers really want to make their own media
content, or even scour the web for it.

Young people aren’t reknowned for expending effort unduly. And they
are known for wanting to buy / watch what is most popular.

Regardless of technology advances, we believe that the majority of
kids will still want visual content pushed at them, sometimes from
media channels, sometimes from friends.

Finding these influential ‘forwarding friends’ represents the search
for the new style leader. This time, instead of finding the kids with
the coolest trainers, we will be after the opinions and the
validation of those with the biggest interest in finding new clips
and the twitchiest forwarding finger.

Broadcast Digital Channel Awards

Nominated for one of the mobile games that I did before I left MTV. Its the dirty sanchez games that you should be able to buy from your local mobile operator.

Link to game