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Quite a few people have been asked me what new technology I think
will become big in 2007. Not sure I have any super insights – but
here are some of the areas that I have been looking at:

– SIP. Think this is the year where more and more mobile phones will
be wifi and SIP enabled. I have already been playing with Nokia’s
wifi phones (E61 and N80) and they work very well with our internal
phone system as well as new(ish) VOIP providers. The companies to
look after in this area is Truphone and Gizmo. Both have easy(ish)
system that allow you to speak for free (or very cheap) over a wifi
network on your mobile.

– Eco tech. Think that 2007 will be much about global warming and a
general youth push towards more responsibility towards the nature (or
maybe I just hope).. So I think you will see much more from tech
companies that work within carbon neutral energy. At the venice
project we are proud to use Alternative Cars (www.alternative who only run on bio diesel – but also companies like
Vestas (windmills) and Novo’s new move into enzymes which can create
bio diesel. (

– Broadband Video. Well, I am sure it doesnt come as a big surprise
that I think that 2007 will be the year where 2007 will become
mainstream. With 35% broadband penetration in major markets and the
audience getting more and more used to watching video online, I think
2007 will be the start of video moving online. I dont necessary think
that people will stop watching tv in the living rooms on their big
monitors – however, I do think that the traditional way of
distributing tv has become dated in relation to people’s expectation
of watching what they want – when they want as well as an increasing
need for personalization and community. Expect big things from us at
The Venice Project but also look forward to great gadgets from
companies like Sling, inspiring design and UI from Apples tv box and
exciting features and ideas from the host of new companies that will
get into this space in 2007.

– Wildcard.. 2D bar codes. They have been big in asia for years and
have yet to be used at all in western europe and the US. The basic
idea is that you create a 2d bar code that can store quite a bit of
information (e.g. websites, phone numbers and so on). U then point
you camera phone at the bar code and then get all the information
stored on your phone (it can also get the phone to open a link).
There is a new barcode reader in the Nokia N80 phones and so this
might be the year where people will start to add 2d bar codes to
business cards and print commercials. However, both short sms codes
and bluetooth transfer might kill off this idea before it get
started. Interesting reading:
Online generator:

– Other buzz words to get ready for in 2007:
Interesting: Wireless USB, Ultra Mobile PC, applications that uses
gps in phones, $100 computers for 3rd world, Open source beats big
corps.. (go firefox go)
Boring: WiMax, Net Neutrality, HighDef, User generated News/Reviews/
Whatever, Vista

Will try to think of some more stuff and post…


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