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A friend of mine just converted from PC to a Mac and asked me what  smart programs he should install. As I was writing the list, I thought, I might as well share it here on the blog. So here goes in no specific order:

  • Numbu – for a simple twitter client
  • Evernote – for taking notes and have a backup of them online and on my iphone
  • Cocktail – for cleaning of the mac on a weekly basis
  • FormulatePro – to sign pdf files with my scanned signature
  • Freemind – for making quick mindmaps
  • Skitch – for taking screen shots and sharing them quickly
  • Firefox – for browsing
  • Firefox plugins:
    • – for quick big file sharing
    • GreaseMonkey – for installing all sort of geeky scripts
    • FireBug – for doing quick changes to websites to explain changes or see how cool stuff is done
    • Delicious – for quick bookmapping
    • FireFtp – for easy and quick ftp tasks inside firefox
    • Google Redesigned – for a nicer design of gmail and google apps
  • Skype – for video and video calls
  • Adium – for being online with msn/aim/jabber/gchat
  • Google Quick Search Box – for general quick search across my computers and the web
  • Dropbox – for quick/easy file sharing with girlfriend and freelancers
  • Logmein – for quick remote controlling my mac when I am away from it
  • TimeMachine – for doing local backups of my pc
  • JungleDisk for remote backup of my archive and my weekly backup
  • MobileMe – for sync of my settings across multiple macs and calendar sync to Iphone
  • CardScan – for keeping digital copies of all the business cards I get and having an online backup of them
  • 1Password – for keeping track of all my passwords (and sync’ing it with my Iphone)
  • Iphoto – for general handling of my pictures
  • Imovie – for editing of my videos
  • ITunes – to listen to call podcasts and buy tvshows for long haul travel (as well as music of cause)
  • Smultron – for the few times where I wanna read code – or hack up some html/css
  • Balsamiq Mockups – for doing quick prototypes and mockups
  • FacebookSync – for getting my friends pictures into “Address Book”
  • GrandPerspective – for cleaning up my harddrive and figure out where all the harddisk went
  • Opera 10 – for when I am on a super flacky wifi or gprs connection and still want to browse
  • Seashore – for free very basic picture editing
  • VLC – for when people send me a odd video format that nothing else will play
  • ScreenFlow – for when I need to do screencapture to explain something. (think there is a cheaper version out there)
  • Ical connected to Google Calendar – for getting a calendar for work, private and a shared one with my GF

Online services (I use many online services almost like apps, so they are included here)

  • Gmail – for all my emails
  • MotionBox – for cloud storage of all my videos
  • Picassa – for cloud storage of all my pictures
  • Facebook – for getting in touch with friends
  • Twitter – for getting in touch with friends I dont know yet
  • Delicious – for getting track of all the websites I find and like
  • WordPress – for writing random thoughts and keeping some info about myself online
  • Google reader – for reading RSS feeds and subscribing to blogs
  • – for listening to music I didnt know I would like
  • Jigsaw – for when I want an 1-click music video channel
  • Joost – for when I watch great TV

Think thats about it.


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