Five pretty nerdy things to do this coming weekend


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1. install ‘read later’ ( in your browser. Its great for catching up on stuff you want later. Even better. Connect your profile on instapaper to your kindle – and get the stuff you wanna read packaged and send to you for days on the road when you are bored. (note that the new kindle works in most countries. sweeet)

2. buy this new device called WakeMate and start twittering or blogging about/in your sleep 🙂 Yes I have already pre-ordered. Curious to see if it works and how  my sleep pattens are. Its your first step towards making your own Felton report .

3. connect to your slingbox via their iPhone app. I know its expensive but watching  sling tv in your bathtub is so worth it. The app on iPhone works like a charm.

4. Read cartoons. My favorite these days are Danish friends of mine: wulffmorgenthaler. – they are kind of like Family Guy meets The Far Side.

5. Consider buying someone you know a SmartPen – and while you at it – come up with something to launch on their livescribe app platform.


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