Why picking up women and getting your start-up funded requires ‘Social Proof’ – and why thats interesting…


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First check out venturehacks.com’s fine list on how to pitch your start up to angels or vcs: http://bit.ly/YGqoY . Then jump over to this blog post about how to use social proof to pick up women: http://bit.ly/cFltBc

As you can see, there is a fascinating rhetoric overlap between start-up pitching and pickup social science. Maybe its just because I did my degree in social science – but I feel when speaking about product marketing, we should focus less about technology and specific tricks for e.g twitter and facebook. While we are dealing with new communication technologies – its seems the core principles of human interaction and social needs is more or less the same as it has always been. Concepts like ‘social proof’, the need for ‘social acceptance’ and the ‘strength of the weak ties’ have been around for a while. It’s those core human needs and a deep understanding of that psychology we need to understand and discuss to make better products, marketing-tools and designs.

Or at least it’s a good excuse to read ‘The Game’ and expense the book as ‘social media research’ 🙂

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