Research project: Making a social ‘pagerank’ for physical locations


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I have been working on a small social currency research project with Andras and Simon. The thinking is to make a social page rank for physical locations based on peoples online behavior generated content . In the same way that Google lists websites based on how many other websites are linking to them, our plan was to make a Google’ish algoritm that showed a coffee bar’s ‘Social Value’ based on a number of factors. (Checkings on four square, frequency of check ins on Gowalla, amount of comments on Yelp, mentions on Twitter and so on).

To make the dataset simple we focused on coffee places in London and created an algoritm that looks at multible data sources that we could access via APIs. We then do some black magic where we calculate a social currency value for each place. E.g. a place gets more ‘points’ if people have checked in multiple times on a location rather than just having a lot of checkins.

Next step is to open for our api so you can get social currentcy values for places in your own apps. Anyway, thought I would introduce the concept to get feedback, ideas or comments.

Check it out here; should work in computer and mobile browser: (update: no longer available)


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