A/B testing your life

I have been writing a bit about how to use the thinking of offline innovation to make better digital products. (flow over feature & Innovation Architecture). However, lately I have been pondering a bit about how to take online best pratices and apply them to my real offline life. Got the idea of doing A/B testing on areas of my life that I wanted to improve but was unsure what was the most optimial method to achieve it.  First I needed to make sure I had measurable data. The good news is that quite a few people  (e.g. fellow personal stats junkie Sam Lessin) are increasingly blogging about and enjoying datamining all sorts of aspects of our lives – and there are now loads of tools that allow us to do so. Here are a few I use:
  • my weight (My Withings)
  • my sleep pattens (Sleep Cycle) (waiting for my Wakemate that I orded 6 month ago)
  • my running speed (Garmin 310)
  • my heart rates (normal blod pressure machine)
  • my household energy consumptio  (Altertme)
So lately I have started to do A/B testing on all these things. Basiccly, try out different thesis on a specific subject and then do test of each of them for a few days. Applying the same methodology that we use for optimizing userflows and optimize towards what works the best. Here are some of the a/b tests I am running:
  • Effect on weight depending on intake of alcohol, different type of foods and time of eating dinner
  • Breathing technics influence on blood pressure
  • Most optimal running technics
  • Optimize home appliances to reduce energy consumption and so on.

So besides creating a bunch of ultra personalized behavior generated content and the pleasure of playing with data visualization – I am finding easier and more optimal ways to achieve life goals.