As some of you might already know – I have started a business called Barkbox. Its a next generation subscription business for dog parents. As part of our mission to make dogs happy we decided very early that we wanted to give a good chunk of our profits to dogs who are without a family as there are many, many dogs out there who aren’t as lucky as ours, and need help too.

The issue is how do you make sure that we get a meaningful return on our money. As entrepreneurs we dont just want to hand over some cash but rather use our skills to insure that the money we spent provide maximum value to dogs in need. So we came up with The Hugo Challenge. Its just launched to help improve the lives of our canine friends. We’ve come up with an interesting way to donate $10,000 to improving the lives of dogs in need.

We’re doing this by challenging dog lovers, rescues, shelters and animal welfare organizations to come up with an innovative idea to reduce overpopulation, provide shelter or care for dogs in need. We’ll come up with finalists that the public can vote on and then we’ll donate $10,000 to fund, support, and document the most game-changing project submitted. The thinking is that if we can crowd identify great repeatable programs, we can then document what we did and use our network of shelters to spread the learning.

I think its a nice way to make sure we use the reach of our business mixed with our financial commitment to get more for our money.

So if you would love to help, then we’d love it if you would let your community know about The Hugo Challenge. We’re asking people to not only submit their own idea, but to share this with their favorite rescue, dog-related charity or organization. So what are we looking for? Everything from app ideas that help people find dogs that are missing, over events to raise money for shelters to products that we can give to homeless dogs. Other good ideas on what we could do, build or sponsor are also very welcome!

Here are the full details on the Barkbox Blog